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PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit


For the isolation of high quality genomic RNA from a variety of filtered water samples, including turbid waters, using our patented Inhibitor Removal Technology®
Description Catalog # Price
50 preps - no filters 14700-50-NF $473.00    


  • The only kit specifically designed for extracting RNA from turbid water samples
  • Isolate RNA from all micro-organisms found in the water, including bacteria (gram + and gram -), fungi and algae
  • Isolate RNA from water in less than 40 minutes, including the DNase step (DNase provided)
  • Convenient small tube format is compatible with all commonly used water filter

Water For Life Program - MO BIO will donate 1% of the sale of this product to


The PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit is the first kit specifically designed to isolate RNA from microbes present in environmental water samples including bacteria (both gram + and gram -), fungi and algae. This kit includes our novel PowerWater® bead tubes for optimal lysis and our patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) for better sensitivity in RT-PCR and yields RNA of high quality and purity. With IRT, even water containing heavy amounts of contaminants can be processed to provide high quality RNA. The kit can isolate RNA from common filter membrane types (sold separately) with a rapid 40 minute protocol. 

Sample Kit

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PowerWater® RNA Isolation Kit
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Video: Filter Membrane Rolling Procedure

Storage Conditions

Store DNase at 4°C. Store all other components at room temperature, up to 2 years.

Kit Components

Component 14700-50-NF
Solution PWR1 55 ml
Solution PWR2 11 ml
Solution PWR3 36 ml
Solution PWR4 3 x 23 ml
Solution PWR5 3 x 23 ml
Solution PWR6 2.5 ml
Solution PWR7 23 ml
Solution PWR8 5.5 ml
DNase I 1500 units
PowerWater® Bead Tubes 50
Spin Filters 50
2 ml Collection Tubes 250