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BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit


For the extraction of total RNA from FFPE tissue samples.
Description Catalog # Price
50 Preps 13250-50 $301.00    


  •  Fast, safe paraffin removal - Avoids the use of xylene and other toxic solvents
  • Pure RNA - Contaminant-free RNA enables more sensitive results in RT-QPCR, microarrays and sequencing
  • Higher RNA concentration - New, low elution spin filter enables elution in a volume of just 20 µl

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 The BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit is optimized for complete lysis and extraction of total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues without the use of organic solvents.  A proprietary buffer formulation in conjuction with a Proteinase K lysis facilitates complete dissolution of the wax during a 60°C heating step to release the tissue.  A second 70°C heating step removes the cross-links that are inhibitory to RT-QPCR.  RNA from the melted sample is purified on our new low elution silica spin filters to increase the final RNA concentration.  Genomic DNA is removed in an on-column DNase digestion step utilizing our room temperature stable (RTS) DNase.  RNA from the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit it ready to use in any downstream application including RT-QPCR, microarrays and sequencing.

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Research and Development


Fig 1. The fixation process and storage of FFPE samples frequently leads to nucleic acid degradation and base modification. DNA prepared with the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit (MB) shows higher molecular weight distribution when compared to the competitor’s xylene protocol (Q).


Fig 2.  Comparative analysis of the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit (MB) and competitors Q and LT of RNA extraction from a single 10 micron tissue slice of FFPE Normal Human Liver tissue. a)  1.2% TAE gel showing higher yields of intact RNA obtained when sample was prepared with the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit. b) Invitrogen Qubit™ Fluorometer readings show that higher yields of RNA were obtained when sample was prepared with the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit (MB). 


Fig 3. Successful RT-qPCR amplification. (a) RNA described in Fig 2 was analyzed by RT-qPCR using a TaqMan® ActB assay. Samples prepared with the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit were free of inhibitors, as indicated by successful amplification and a difference of approximately 3 cycles between the undiluted RNA (Dark Blue) and the 1:10 dilution (Light Blue). (b) Undiluted samples prepared with the Qiagen RNeasy FFPE Kit (Green) and Life Technologies PureLink® FFPE Total RNA Isolation Kit (Brown) demostrated inhibition.

BiOstic® FFPE Tissue RNA Isolation Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Direct melting of FFPE tissues
Sample Size 1 to 5 single slices or 15 mg of tissue
Binding Capacity Up to 6 µg per spin filter
RNA Isolated Total RNA
Throughput 1-24 samples
Time 50 minutes
Equipment Required Vortex, centrifuge, and water bath or heat block

Storage Conditions

Store the Low Elution Spin Filters at 4°C.

Proteinase K (Solution FR2) and the RTS DNase are stable at room temperature for up to 6 months.  For prolonged storage (up to 2 years), place the Solution FR2 and RTS DNase at 4°C.

Store all other reagents and kit components at room temperature (15-30°C).

Kit Components

Component 13250-50
Solution FR1 17 ml
Solution FR2 1.2 ml
Solution FR3 17 ml
Solution FR4 2 x 33 ml
Solution FR5 3 ml
Solution FR6 22 ml
Solution FR7 1.2 ml
RTS DNase 0.22 ml
Low Elution Spin Filters 50
2 ml Collection Tubes 150