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BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit


For the extraction of genomic DNA from FFPE tissue samples.

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  • Faster than solvent wax removal methods
  • Higher yields of DNA due to fewer steps and less chance of sample loss
  • More sensitive results and lower Ct values in real-time PCR due to higher DNA purity (contaminant-free)
  • Safe method avoids xylene and other toxic solvents

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The BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit is designed to extract and purify genomic DNA from tissues fixed with formalin and embedded in paraffin.

Using a novel method, the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit directly melts wax away from tissue without the use of solvents such as xylene to deparaffinize the tissue. Higher DNA yield is achieved as a result of this gentle method. Also, the recovered DNA is more pure and free from contaminants that can have an adverse affect on detection sensitivity and amplification efficiency. Genomic DNA extracted with the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit can be used in real-time PCR, SNP genotyping and other genetic analysis methods.

May be used in combination with the BiOstic® Paraffin Removal Reagent. Protocol included in the BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit manual.

The BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit is sold for research purposes only.

Sample Kit

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BiOstic® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Direct melting of FFPE tissues
Sample Size One slice up to 15 mg of tissue
Binding Capacity Up to 20 µg per spin filter
DNA Size Range Up to 12 kb
Throughput 1-24 samples
2 hrs for melting and de-cross-linking, 20 minutes for spin prep
Equipment Required Vortex, centrifuge, and water bath or heat block

Storage Conditions

Proteinase K is stable at room temperature. For prolonged storage, place the Solution FP3 (Proteinase K) at 4oC. Store all other reagents and kit components at room temperature (15-30oC) up to 2 years.