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RNA PowerSoil® Total RNA Isolation Kit


For isolation of high quality RNA from multiple soil types.
Description Catalog # Price
25 preps 12866-25 $304.00    


  • Processes all soil types including difficult environmental samples
  • Purifies RNA from up to 2 grams of soil
  • Yields high quality RNA free of RT-PCR inhibitors and humic substances


The RNA PowerSoil® Total RNA Isolation Kit utilizes our novel and proprietary Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) for isolating total RNA from up to 2 grams of soil. RT-PCR and PCR inhibiting substances, including humic substances and the brown color often associated with reverse transcription and PCR inhibition are completely removed. The kit is intended for use with all common soil types, but in particular, with samples that typically contain a high humic substance content, including compost, sediment and manure. 

The kit offers an easy-to-follow procedure. Environmental samples are added to a bead beating tube with a kit-supplied buffer for rapid and thorough homogenization. Total RNA is captured on a proprietary matrix in a column format, washed and eluted. RNA is RT-PCR and PCR ready without further handling or purification.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit requires the addition of phenol:chloroform (see protocol)

 Try our  RNA PowerSoil® DNA Elution Accessory Kit . Now you can co-isolate DNA from the same starting sample!

*US direct orders only, through December 23, 2014

Sample Kit

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Research and Development

High RNA Yield and Reliable RT-PCR Results

Total RNA was isolated from 8 different soil samples using the RNA PowerSoil® Total RNA Isolation Kit (lanes 1-8). RNA was displayed (A) on a 1% x TAE agarose gel (2 µg per lane). RT-PCR analysis with primers representing the Streptomyces spp. (B) and Bacillus spp. (C) was performed using 1 µl of the undiluted RNA and analyzed on a 1% TAE agarose gel and stained with ethidium bromide. N = negative control. P = positive control. Soil types and amounts are identified below. Positive RT-PCR amplification was observed with 100% of the samples. 

Sample Lane Type Amount processed (grams)
1 Residential lawn 2
2 Strawberry field 2
3 Plant root rhizosphere 2
4 Carlsbad lagoon sediment 2
5 Amended soil 2
6 Cornfield 2
7 Compost 1
8 Sandy soil 2

RNA PowerSoil® Total RNA Isolation Kit
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Format Proprietary Column Technology
Method Bead Beating
Time 2.5 hours
Starting Amount 2 g
Equipment Required Vortex and Vortex Adapter

Visual Protocol

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.