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PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit


Our original kit for post-extraction clean up of problematic DNA.
Description Catalog # Price
50 preps 12877-50 $192.00    


  • The PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit has been validated in the removal of inhibitors found in crude heparin and heparin products by the FDA. READ PUBLICATION
  • Efficient secondary purification - Cleans up your problematic archived DNA for successful PCR and qPCR amplification
  • Removes challenging impurities - Purifies DNA containing high amounts of humic substances, polyphenolics, polysaccharides and other PCR inhibitors
  • Provides concentrated DNA - Purifies concentrated DNA and removes concentrated contaminants


The new PowerClean® Pro DNA Clean-Up Kit is now available!  Remove challenging impurities in just 7 minutes, half the time of the original PowerClean® Kit. Try a sample today!

The PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit provides a quick, easy and reliable secondary clean-up method to purify previously isolated genomic DNA from any source for all downstream applications. Problematic isolated DNA from soil may be amber to brown in appearance, which is an indicator of PCR inhibiting substances, like humics and polyphenols. Even colorless samples may contain PCR inhibitors which can be cleaned up with this kit. A high level of purity is achieved which allows for more successful PCR amplification from a variety of problematic samples.

This kit provides researchers with a novel method for cleaning up genomic DNA previously isolated from soil samples as well as archived DNA samples from any source. DNA extracted from many sample types including soil samples poses several challenges for downstream applications such as PCR, restriction digestion, cloning etc. The main limitation comes from humic acids and related compounds like polysaccharides, polyphenols, and heme which tend to co-purify along with nucleic acids. Phenol: chloroform extraction is not effective in purifying such contaminated nucleic acids while other methods are cumbersome and time consuming.

Sample Kit

Try a sample of our original PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit or, for even faster clean-up, try our new PowerClean® Pro DNA Clean-Up Kit.

PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit
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DNA Samples Tested with the
PowerClean® DNA Clean-Up Kit
Lagoon Sediment
Pine Forest Base
Compost (18 - 21"
Primary sludge
Activated sludge
Home compost

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.


Kit Components

Component 12877-50
DNA Solution 1
DNA Solution 2
DNA Solution 3
DNA Solution 4
DNA Solution 5
DNA Solution 6
DNA Solution 7
DNA Spin Filters
Collection Tubes
4 ml
1.5 ml
5 ml
4 ml
44 ml
30 ml
6 ml