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DNase™ Max Kit Sample


For removal of genomic DNA contamination in RNA preparations. Includes a high activity DNase I enzyme and a highly specific resin for complete removal of the DNase.
*Limit 1 per order.
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DNase Max™ Kit


  • High activity, stable DNase I – Room temperature stable enzyme does not require freeze thaws and maintains the highest activity
  • Protects RNA – Certified RNase free, no heat, EDTA or harsh chemicals required
  • DNase Removal Resin – Completely removes DNase and divalent cations for optimal qPCR results
  • Fast – 30 minute protocol from start to finish


DNase Max™ Enzyme is a highly purified DNase I enzyme formulated in a unique stabilization solution that provides long term stability at room temperature. The DNase Max™ Kit is used for the removal of genomic DNA contamination in RNA preparations. DNase Max™ Enzyme will remove up to 30 µg of DNA in 20 minutes using 10 units (1 µl) of enzyme. The enzyme is stable for up to 6 months at room temperature with no loss of activity and for 2 years at 4°C without loss of activity. The DNase Max™ Kit also contains a novel and highly specific resin which is used to bind and remove the DNase Max™ Enzyme and divalent cations from the reaction, eliminating the need for heat or EDTA inactivation of the DNase. The RNA is ready to use immediately after resin treatment.  

Preserve enzyme activity

DNase Max™ Enzyme a high activity DNase I enzyme which is stable at room temperature, so there is no need to aliquot and freeze stocks of the enzyme. Room temperature stability eliminates concern about freeze-thaw cycles that may decrease enzymatic activity. DNase Max™ Enzyme maintains the highest activity over the life of the kit, enabling consistent results with all RNA samples.

Protect your RNA

Isolating high quality RNA is a time-consuming and expensive process. Consequently, it is essential to prevent RNA degradation during DNase treatment. The DNase Max™ Kit protects valuable RNA samples during this process, as it contains only Certified RNase-free reagents, and does not require heat, EDTA or harsh chemicals.

Protocol Overview

The DNase Max™ Kit protocol starts with dilution of DNase Max™ Enzyme and 10X DNase Max™ Buffer to a final concentration of 1X in the digestion reaction. The reaction is then incubated at 37°C for 20 minutes. Removal of the DNase and divalent cations is performed by adding DNase Max™ Removal Resin and incubating for 10 minutes at room temperature. The resin is pelleted by centrifugation, and the RNA sample is transferred to a new tube, ready for use in RT-PCR and further analysis.



DNase™ Max Kit Sample
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Unit Definition 10 units/µl, removes 30 µg DNA
Time 30 minutes
Stability 6 months at room temperature
  2 years at 4ºC
Equipment Required Centrifuge
Equipment Recommended Vortex Genie® 2 Vortex
  Vortex adapter for 2 ml tubes

Storage Conditions

Store at 4ºC, or at room tempearture for up to 6 months.