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UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit


For isolation of high quality DNA using a familiar miniprep protocol.
Description Catalog # Price
50 preps 12301-50 $64.00    
100 preps 12301-100 $114.00    
250 preps 12301-250 $277.00    


  • Yields high quality DNA, ready for restriction digest, sequencing, labeling or PCR in 10 minutes
  • Easy and familiar format utilizes a silica spin filter method and standard reagent volumes
  • Robust yields up to 20 μg of plasmid from 1-5 ml cultures
  • Ideal for low copy plasmids grown in TB DRY® Powder Growth Media


The UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit is based on the standard alkaline lysis technique used in most plasmid prep protocols.

The kit uses the same reagents and volumes as in most competitor kits so you do not need to learn a new protocol. Our optimized reagents and shorter centrifuge times provide a protocol that is quicker and easier than others. Its silica spin filters purify and recover the highest possible yields of sequence quality plasmid.

Compatible with LB and all high nutrient growth media, the UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit produces plasmids free of genomic DNA contamination. The DNA is concentrated enough to proceed directly with automated sequencing and can also be used in restriction digests, ligation, PCR and other downstream applications.

Sample Kit

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Research and Development

Plasmids were isolated from 2ml or 4ml of LB overnight cultures using MO BIO Laboratories' UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit or a kit from competitor Q.



DNA yield and quality as measured by gel electrophoresis was not significantly different for the two kits. However, an increased amount of carryover RNA is visible at the bottom of the gel in samples from competitor Q.


12301dataThere was no difference in DNA yield  from the two kits when PicoGreen was used to measure the concentration of dsDNA. However, a significant difference was noted when NanoDrop/UV spectrophotometry, which measures both ss and ds nucleic acids, was used to quanititate the DNA. An increased concentration was noted in the kits from competitor Q due to RNA carryover.

UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Alkaline Lysis
Binding Capacity Up to 20 µg per filter
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Time 10 minutes
Equipment Required Microcentrifuge


Visual Protocol


Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.


Kit Components

Component 12301-50 12301-100 12301-250
Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3
Solution 4
Solution 5
Collection Tubes
Spin Filters In Tubes
1 x 14 ml
1 x 14 ml
1 x 20 ml
2 x 30 ml
1 x 3 ml
1 x 28 ml
1 x 28 ml
1 x 39 ml
3 x 30 ml
1 x 6 ml
1 x 69 ml
1 x 69 ml
1 x 97 ml
1 x 97 ml
1 x 15 ml