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UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit


Fastest kit available for high quality minipreps in just 6 minutes.
Description Catalog # Price
50 preps 12300-50 $64.00    
100 preps 12300-100 $113.00    
250 preps 12300-250 $277.00    


  • Rapid protocol yields high quality plasmid DNA in 6 minutes
  • Easy format utilizes a silica spin filter method
  • Robust yields up to 20 μg of plasmid from 1-2 ml cultures
  • Ideal for increasing yields of low copy plasmids grown in TB DRY® Powder Growth Media
  • Complete kit includes all silica spin filters and tubes


The UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit provides the fastest method and most efficient set of reagents available to purify plasmid DNA from 1 - 2 ml bacterial cultures. Based on a silica spin filter method, this kit elutes purified DNA in small working volumes of between 50 and 100 µl. See how easy it is to get pure plasmid DNA in just 6 minutes. This high quality DNA can be sequenced, used in restriction digests, ligation, PCR and other downstream applications. For a more traditional protocol, try the UltraClean® Standard Mini Plasmid Prep Kit.

A unique feature of this kit is its compatibility with high nutrient media. Low copy plasmid yield is improved by growth in high nutrient media; however, most competitor purification kits are not compatible with this media and can lead to genomic DNA contamination.

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Sample Kit

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Research and Development

Plasmids were isolated from 2ml of LB overnight cultures using either MO BIO Laboratories' Ultra Clean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit or a kit from competitor Q.



Gel electrophoresis shows no difference in DNA yield or quality between the two kits.



There was no difference in the purity of the plasmid DNA, as demonstrated by A260/280 and A260/230 ratios.



PicoGreen was used to determine the concentration of dsDNA, revealing no difference in DNA yield between the two kits.

UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Alkaline Lysis
Binding Capacity Up to 20 µg per filter
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Time 6 minutes
Equipment Required Microcentrifuge


Visual Protocol


Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years


Customer Comments

Simple, effective and inexpensive kit for plasmid isolation

"The UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep kit allows the recovery of high yields of pure plasmid from E.coli strains. In our lab, we usually obtain plasmid DNA that gives an A260/A280 absorbance ratio of 1.8-1.9. The time spent for the isolation is less (6-10 minutes for each miniprep) than competitors, allowing multiple isolations to be performed subsequently (up to four preps without increasing the time)." the entire review at


Excellent Product
"I was very impressed with the MO BIO UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit. I have used standard mini prep protocols and kits from other companies with variable results. The MO BIO kit gave clean, sequence ready DNA. The kit was user friendly, economical and fast. Less than $0.05/ug of clean plasmid DNA means it it less expensive than other leading brands and supplies plenty of plasmid for restriction digests, sequencing and other applications. Nice product."

UltraClean® 6 Minute Mini Plasmid Prep Kit
"I liked the kit. It is very fast, easy and simple to use. Plasmid was of good quality, worked for restriction digestion as well as transfections."

Kit Components

Component 12300-50 12300-100 12300-250
Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3
Solution 4
Solution 5
Spin Filters
1 x 3.3 ml
1 x 5.5 ml
1 x 18 ml
1 x 16.5 ml
1 x 3.3 ml
1 x 6 ml
1 x 11 ml
1 x 34 ml
1 x 30 ml
1 x 6 ml
1 x 15 ml
1 x 30 ml
1 x 90 ml
1 x 45 ml
1 x 15 ml