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PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit


For fast and easy isolation of inhibitor-free genomic DNA from even the toughest plant and seed samples, including those high in polyphenols and polysaccharides.
Description Catalog # Price
50 preps 13400-50 $189.00    


  • Optimized for tough samples - Isolate DNA from the most difficult plant types, including strawberry leaf, cotton leaf, cotton seeds and pine needles
  • Inhibitor Removal Technology® - Removes 100% of polyphenolics, polysaccharides and other PCR inhibitors
  • Phenolic Separation Solution - Breaks the bond between DNA and phenolics, increasing DNA yield in high-phenolic samples
  • Rapid protocol - Isolate DNA in 30 minutes without the use of harsh chemicals


Isolate pure, high quality DNA from the toughest plant samples

The PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit is designed for fast and easy purification of genomic DNA from plant cells, tissues and seeds. The optimized bead beating technology replaces time-consuming DNA isolation procedures such as CTAB, phenol, or chloroform extraction for recovery of high quality DNA from the toughest sample types, including strawberry leaf, cotton leaf, cotton seeds, and pine needles.

Patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) is used for removal of PCR inhibitors from plant extracts during the isolation process, resulting in pure DNA that is ready to use in downstream applications including PCR, QPCR and sequencing. In addition, a unique Phenolic Separation Solution (PSS) is included as an optional step for samples high in polyphenolic compounds, such as pine and grape leaf. PSS breaks the bond between DNA and phenolics, preventing loss of DNA during the IRT step and increasing DNA yield.

Compatible with the PowerLyzer® 24

The PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit may be used with a vortex (for soft leaf tissue) or high velocity bead beater, such as the PowerLyzer® 24 homogenizer. The PowerLyzer® 24 is suitable for rapid homogenization of plant materials including stems, roots, seeds or difficult leaf tissue.

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Research and Development


Figure 1. Isolation of high quality genomic DNA from plant samples using the PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit. DNA isolated from grass (2 ul), strawberry  leaf (15 ul), grape leaf (15 ul) and pine needles (1 ul) was examined on a 1% TAE agarose gel. 

Figure 2. The PowerPlant® Pro DNA isolation kit provides greater yields of high molecular weight genomic DNA. DNA was isolated from cotton seed using the PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit and plant DNA isolation kits from three other suppliers. All isolations were performed according to the manufacturer’s protocol. DNA (2% of elution volume) was examined on a 1% TAE agarose gel.


 Figure 3. Successful amplification of DNA isolated using the PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit. QPCR was performed using primers for RuBisCo on 1 ng of DNA isolated from pine needles (A) and strawberry leaf (B). Undiluted DNA and samples diluted 1:10 both fell within the standard curve (purple lines), and the difference between the diluted and undiluted samples was approximately 3 cycles.




PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Bead Beating
Starting Amount Up to 50 mg
Binding Capacity Up to 40 µg per filter
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Time 30 minutes
Equipment Required Vortex & Adapter* or PowerLyzer® 24


*For soft leaf tissue

Storage Conditions

RNase A should be stored at 4°C for up to 2 years

The other kit reagents and components should be stored at room temperature (15-30°C) for up to 2 years

Kit Components

Component 13400-50
Solution PD1 25 ml
Solution PD2 3 ml
Solution PD3 14 ml
Solution PD4 32 ml
Solution PD5 28 ml
Solution PD6 64 ml
Solution PD7 5.5 ml
RNase A Solution 165 ul
Phenolic Separation Solution 2.2 ml
Bead Tubes 50
Spin Filters 50
2 ml Collection Tubes 150