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PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit (Optimized for KingFisher®)


Automated isolation of DNA from seed samples. Optimized for use with the KingFisher® Flex and KingFisher® Duo automated processing systems.
Description Catalog # Price
4 x 96 preps 27700-4-KF $1,500.00    
4 x 96 preps including bead plates 27700-BUNDLE $1,675.00    


  • Inhibitor Removal Technology® - Removes PCR-inhibiting compounds, including polysaccharides and polyphenolics
  • ClearMag® Technology – Novel magnetic particle technology captures DNA without binding organic inhibitors, facilitating isolation of pure DNA
  • Hands-free purification - Optimized for use with the KingFisher® Flex and  KingFisher® Duo automated processing systems


The PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit is designed for fast and easy purification of nucleic acids from all seed types. The optimzed bead beating technology (optional) replaces cumbersome isolation procedures such as CTAB, phenol, or chloroform extraction for recovery of high quality nucleic acids from the toughest seed types, including flax, wheat, canola, corn and barley. Patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) is used for removal of PCR inhibitors from seed extracts during the isolation process. Additionally, a unique Phenolic Separation Solution (PSS) is included as an optional step for seeds high in polyphenolic compounds, such as cotton, watermelon, and bell pepper seeds. PSS breaks the bond between nucleic acids and phenolics, increasing the DNA yield. 

The PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit is available with (27700-BUNDLE) or without (27700-4-KF) Metal Bead Plates, which can be used for optional bead-based homogenizaiton. Alternatively, another bead plate or method of choice may be used to break down samples. Novel ClearMag® technology enables purification of DNA without the typical surface binding to the beads, eliminating the adsorption of organic inhibitors that is typical of other magnetic bead technologies, and facilitating isolation of pure DNA. In addition, neither chaotropic salts nor ethanol are used in the binding and washing steps, removing a second source of contamination that can inhibit enzymatic reactions. The PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit has been optimized for use with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher® Flex and KingFisher® Duo automated processing systems, for rapid, high-throughput isolation of inhibitor-free DNA. The high-quality DNA isolated with the PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit is ready to use in PCR, qPCR and next generation sequencing.


Research and Development

Figure 1. High quality, pure DNA was isolated from duplicate samples of flax seeds (25 mg with seed coat removed), wheat seeds (45 mg), canola seeds (10 whole seeds, 50 mg), corn kernels (50 mg), and barley seeds (50 mg) using the PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit. High quality, high molecular weight DNA was observed on a 1.2% TAE agarose gel. No differences in yield or quality were observed between the duplicate samples. DNA yields are shown in Table 1. Lane 1: Marker; Lanes 2-3: Flax; Lanes 4-5: Wheat; Lanes 6-7: Canola; Lanes 8-9: corn; Lanes 10-11: Barley; Lane 12: Marker.

Table 1. High yields of DNA isolated from seeds.
Seed Type Concentration (ng/µl)
Flax 21.65
Wheat 49.97
Canola 25.72
Corn 37.76
Barley 67.20


Figure 2. Successful amplification of DNA isolated from flax seeds using the PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit. qPCR was performed on duplicate samples using the Universal Plant (Rubisco) assay. Undiluted DNA (1 µl of elution, dark blue lines) and samples diluted 1:10 (light blue lines) fell within the standard curve (grey lines), and the difference between the diluted and undiluted samples was approximately 3 cycles, indicating the DNA was free of inhibitors. There was no difference in Cq value between the duplicate samples.


PowerMag® Seed DNA Isolation Kit (Optimized for KingFisher®)
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Format ClearMag® Technology
Method Bead Beating
Starting Amount 25 to 50 mg
Throughput 96 well plate
Equipment Required
  • Plate shaker for homogenization of samples in 96 well blocks (recommended: MO BIO Catalog # 11996)
  • Centrifuge capable of handling two 96 well blocks
  • KingFisher® Flex or KingFisher® Duo automated processing system

Metal Bead Plates are included with 27700-BUNDLE.

PowerMag™ Seed Flyer

Storage Conditions

  • RNase A should be stored at 4°C for up to 2 years.
  • The other kit reagents and components should be stored at room temperature (15-30°C) for up to 2 years.

Kit Components

Component 27700-4-KF 27700-BUNDLE
PowerMag® Bead Solution  200 ml  200 ml
PowerMag® Lysis Solution  26 ml  26 ml
PowerMag® IRT Solution  106 ml  106 ml
Phenolic Separation Solution  17 ml  17 ml
ClearMag® Binding Solution  200 ml  200 ml
ClearMag® Beads  9 ml  9 ml
ClearMag® Wash Solution  640 ml  640 ml
ClearMag® Elution Buffer  44 ml  44 ml
RNase A Solution  2 x 1 ml (25mg/ml)  2 x 1 ml (25mg/ml)
PowerMag® 1 ml Collection Plates 8 plates  8 plates
Sealing Tape 32 tapes  32 tapes
Metal Bead Plates Not Included  4 plates