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DNA-Free Certification

This test certifies any of a wide variety of products to be free of certain types of DNA and common contaminants and inhibitors that interfere with the PCR process.
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RNase-Free Certification

A wide variety of products are certified to be free of RNase contamination and ready for direct use in all RNA work using this test.
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DNase-Free Certification

This test certifies products to be free of DNase contamination and ready for use in any of the many experiments and applications of DNA.
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ATP-Free Certification

This test is used to certify a variety of products to be free of contaminating ATP molecules which can interfere with several types of enzymatic reactions and also further indicate the presence of any biological activity.
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Endotoxin-Free Certification

This certification follows USP guidelines and FDA regulations to certify any of a variety of products to be free of contaminating endotoxins or to quantify endotoxin levels.
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Radiation Sterilization Validation

This test follows current AAMI method 1 guidelines to calculate the appropriate irradiation dose needed to sterilize any of a wide range of products. This test also includes a validation of the calculated irradiation dose that is delivered to the product. Quarterly Dose Audits (QDA) are established using this validation.
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The Bioburden test is used to test for the viable microbial load of a given product.
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USP Sterility

This test follows the most current USP guidelines that apply to your product type to validate the sterilization process.
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Heterotrophic Plate Count

This test calculates the count of live, heterotrophic organisms that may be present in water samples.
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Custom Services

If you have a unique product, we can work with you to customize our protocols and procedures to best fit the special testing needs of your product.
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