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PowerMicrobial® Maxi DNA Isolation Kit


For large scale isolation of DNA from 100 ml of microbial culture.
Description Catalog # Price
25 preps 12226-25 $518.00    


- Zero post-extraction cell survival provides safety in the lab and is ideal for pathogens

- Maxi kit isolates up to 1 mg of DNA

- 100% cell lysis efficiency permits DNA isolation from challenging microorganisms; spores, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and fungi.

- Utilizes phenol: chloroform in combination with bead beating lysis for maximum performance.

- Purify DNA from microbial cultures in less than 2 hours.

- Streamlined protocol utilizes common laboratory equipment.

- Requires MO BIO Vortex Adapter for cell lysis.


The PowerMicrobial® Maxi DNA Isolation Kit is designed to isolate DNA from microorganisms grown in up to 100 ml of culture with a density of at least 108 cells/ml. The versatility of the PowerMicrobial® Maxi DNA Isolation Kit efficiently isolates DNA from a wide range of microorganisms; Gram-positive, Gram-negative, yeast and fungi. Typical yields will depend on the type of microorganism and culture cell density. The maximum binding capacity of the spin columns is 1 mg DNA.

The success of the PowerMicrobial® Maxi DNA Isolation Kit is due to the highly effective lysing method. This unique bead-beating method together with an optimized phenol: chloroform* reagent results in both maximum yields and sterile DNA in all tested microorganisms. Purified DNA is free of viable microbial cells or spores and can be used safely in the laboratory – even if originated from pathogenic organisms. (Note: Always verify safety of DNA by post extraction plate counts). This kit utilizes common laboratory equipment and simply requires a vortex and vortex adapter for maximum effectiveness.

The microbial cells, resuspended in Bead Solution, are added to a bead beating tube containing beads. The principal is to lyse the microorganisms by a combination of detergent, phenol, and mechanical force using specialized beads. The cellular components are inactivated and lysed by a combination of phenol and mechanical action using a specially designed MO BIO Vortex Adapter on a standard vortex. From the lysed cells, the released DNA is bound to silica membranes in a spin filter format. The filter is washed, and the DNA is eluted in a sterile 10 mM Tris buffer. The resultant DNA is free of viable microbial cells, which is especially important when working with pathogenic microorganisms.

*User provided

PowerMicrobial® Maxi DNA Isolation Kit
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Format Silica Spin Filter Tubes
Method Bead Beating
Culture Volume 100 ml
Binding Capacity Up to 1 mg per filter
Time Under 2 hours
Equipment Required Vortex and Vortex Adapter

Sample Type # of Strains Tested Successful Isolation
Bacillus sp. 5 yes
Geobacillus sp. 1 yes
Listeria sp. 2 yes
Streptococcus sp. 2 yes
Streptomyces sp. 1 yes
Yersinia sp. 2 yes

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.


Kit Components

Component 12226-25
Bead Tubes
Bead Solution
Solution MAX1
Solution MAX2
Solution MAX3
Solution MAX4
Maxi Spin Filters
15ml Conical Tubes
50ml Collection Tubes
1 x 110 ml
1 x 14ml
1 x 275ml
4 x 30ml
1 x 60ml