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Vacuum Pump


For the production of vacuum pressure required for molecular biology applications
Description Catalog # Price
1 unit (120V) 11998 $777.00    
1 unit (220V) 11998-220 $777.00    


- Water trap float ball rises to seal off pump from accidental entry of water.

- Muffler and air filter quiets pump and filters discharged air.

- Simple vacuum regulator to adjust and monitor vacuum level.

- Simple pressure regulator to adjust and monitor pressure delivery.


Our Vacuum Pump is an economical standard lab duty pump ideal for pumping water vapor and non-corrosive gases. It is suitable for filtration, vacuum drying, desiccating, aspiration and degassing. The pump is a perfect replacement for water aspirators or house vacuum and is a perfect companion for use with any of our 96 well format DNA purification kits.

The MO BIO Vacuum Pump offers these additional features that provide ease of use and convenience:

  • Economical aluminum construction
  • Vacuum to 27.6" Hg (60 Torr)
  • Pressure to 100 PSIG (106 Pascal)
  • Free air displacement to 1.6 CFM (45 L/min)
  • No water or oil needed to operate
  • Vacuum/pressure regulators and gauges
  • Water trap and muffler supplied
Vacuum Pump
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Specification 11998; 11998-220
Electrical 115V, 60 Hz; 220V, 50 Hz
Free Air Displacement
  • CFM (L/min)@60 Hz
  • CFM (L/min)@50 Hz

1.6 (45)
1.3 (37)
Max. Cont. Press. PSIG (Pascal) 100 (106)
Max. Vacuum, in. Hg (Torr) 27.6 (700)
Motor Horsepower 1/3
Tubing Needed, I.D. in. 1/4
Weight, lbs (kg) 13.8 (6.3)
Dimensions, in. 8.1 L x 8.8 W x 10 H
Ship Weight, lbs (kg) 18.5 (8.4)