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UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit


Purify DNA from agarose or reaction solutions.
Description Catalog # Price
300 preps 12100-300 $143.00    


  • Economical method provides significant cost-savings over spin filter kits
  • Rapid protocol enables purification of DNA from agarose gels in 15 minutes or from reaction solutions in 10 minutes
  • Easy to use silica binding particles
  • Flexible protocol allows batch isolation of up to 1mg of DNA from a gel


The UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit uses economical silica binding particles to extract DNA from agarose gels and enzymatic reactions.  These silica particles also provide scale up capabilities for preparative applications when extracting large amounts of DNA.  It is ideal for eluting DNA in small quantities.  Purified DNA is immediately ready for use in downstream applications including restriction digest, ligation, labeling and PCR.

After electrophoresis, the desired DNA band can be cut from an agarose gel and melted irreversibly in a chaotropic salt solution. Then, the DNA is bound to UltraBIND silica particles in the presence of UltraSALT. The DNA/silica complex is pelleted in a microcentrifuge and the melted gel is discarded. The pellet is washed once and the concentrated DNA is collected in Tris buffer or water. The DNA is now ready to use.

Applications for use include purification from gels, restriction digests, sequencing reactions (dye removal), radioactive and non-radioactive labeling reactions and all gel stains like ethidium bromide, SYBR Green and xylene cyanol.

The UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit provides the most economical method of extracting DNA bands from an agarose gel. 

Sample Kit

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Research and Development


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7

DNA fragments in lanes 2-7 were recovered from
a 1 kb DNA ladder (lane 1) with the UltraClean
® 15 DNA Purification Kit.
UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit
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Format Silica Binding Particles
DNA Size Range 60 bp - 50 kb
Binding Capacity 1 µg DNA per 1 µl silica bead slurry
Throughput 1 - 24 samples
Time 10 - 15 minutes


Size vs. Recovery
DNA Size
60 bp
100 bp
500 bp
7.5 kb
23.5 kb
50 kb

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature for up to 2 years.


Customer Comments

I do not really need anything but wanted to gush about the UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification that I am using for my gel extractions...I am in love! Kit is inexpensive (NOT THE ISSUE) and has worked reliably for many moons now (THE ISSUE). Other products work for a while, then yields fall off...your ingredients are stable, so far, and I am a happy camper.

Pat Arbour Reily, LSU

UltraClean: Ultra, clean!
This kit gives very clean DNA and can be used for cloning, sequencing and much more. Although it takes a little bit longer time than the spin column, once I got used to it, I felt it was much better than spin columns. The yield is high too. The most important thing is that it is so inexpensive that you can save a lot of money from ordering Qiagen kits. It is a great kit.

The UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit is an Ultra Smart Buy
This kit is very efficient in terms of technique as well as cost. If you have used spin column-style kits, you may find that this method requires some extra technique, but only at first. After two or three preps, you will find that it is actually quite rapid and simple. The cost is significantly less than that of most spin column kits. My only gripe is that care must be taken to prevent the silica from drying out in storage - but even if it does it can still be used. I am very pleased with the results I have obtained with the UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit. It is a great kit even if it were more expensive.

Kit Components

Component 12100-300
1 x 1.8 ml
1 x 125 ml
1 x 250 ml
1 x 15 ml