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Which is Better: Love or Science?

Feb 07, 2011
Suzanne Kennedy

OK- great job and creative responses! Let’s summarize the results:

There were 21 responses, 62% from men and 38% from women.

The responses for Love or Science were split an even 50-50 (9-9). Three respondants chose both Love and Science. All three of these people were men (14.5%).

46%  of men choose Science compared to 30% choosing Love and 23% choosing both. Let’s add the 23% of men who chose both to each number so 69% chose Love and 53% chose Science.

62% of women chose Love and 38% of women chose Science.

Based on this limited sampling of scientists, the majority of scientists (both men and women) say love is better than science!

Thanks for playing. The winning posts are:

Armando- for sharing that great story of meeting his wife.
Denis- very creative!!

Ifuseekbrian- funny answer!

I will contact you via email for your shipping address Valentine’s Day.


Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, (and I know how it is everyone’s [sarcasm] favorite holiday[/sarcasm]), I thought we would have a little fun. It’s been a while since we gave anything away on the blog, so I want to give a Valentine’s Day gift to two lucky readers, tweeters, facebookers, or whateverelsers there is for getting information on MO BIO Labs.

Let’s start with the PRIZE!

The prize is a heart shaped box filled with cute cuddly toys from Giant Microbes. What is in each box?

The Heart Warming™ Mini Microbe Box includes these mini microbes: Sperm Cell, Egg Cell, Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and an exclusive pink Amoeba available only in this collection.  (see picture right)

Not feeling very amorous these days? Wll then you can try to win the…………

Heart Burned™ Mini Microbe Box which includes these mini microbes: Herpes, Pox, HPV, Chlamydia and Penicillin

OK, so that’s what you’re playing for. Now how do you win? Simply send us your answer to the following question and the best answer wins.

The question is:

Which is better: Love or Science?

The person with the best answer for Love wins the Heart-Warming box and the best answer for Science gets the Heart-Burned box.

You do not have to be a MO BIO customer to win and all answers will be considered. We will put the best answers up here for your viewing pleasure next week.

So have fun, you may enter more than once. You can tweet it (please include @mobio in the tweet so we can track it) or you can leave a comment here on the blog. If you follow MO BIO on facebook, put a comment on the wall and we’ll be sure to check for them.

Thanks and looking forward to giving away some presents next week!

Suzanne (@suzyscientist on twitter)

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27 Responses to “Which is Better: Love or Science?”

  1. Tina says:

    The love of science is of course prima!

    • Philip Brown says:

      Love or science?
      An easy answer true.
      Science has no hormones
      And cares not for musicals!

    • Armando says:

      This is a true story; Actually I met my wife through Science. I saw her for the first time during a coffee break in a genetics seminar. In another coffee break in a different seminar (about a year later) I ask her to go out for dinner, as by that time I was working in a scientific magazine oriented to the general public. The idea was that I want to “interview her” as she working with antarctic microorganisms. Another year passed, and we got married. We are about to celebrate our seven anniversary this 2011. We now have a three years old daughter. So, love of science? you bet, both.

    • Suzanne Kennedy says:

      Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it Armando!

  2. Suzanne Kennedy says:

    Here are some answers from email and twitter so far:

    chrisadieni Christopher Dieni
    @SuzyScientist @mobio Science is better! Why? Stats simply don’t lie! Never spent a V-Day while in a relationship. Two samples, 1=29, 2=0.

    eclecticechoes Eric Heupel
    @SuzyScientist @mobio Love is better – it is for love that I do science. If there was no passion 4 it I would do something else.

    Alchemystress Alchemystress
    @SuzyScientist love or science huh? Science I will have to say because well it’ll always be there

    Alchemystress Alchemystress
    @SuzyScientist ha yes i suppose science is reliable. based in fact, does not change, is rational and logical

    chrisadieni Christopher Dieni
    @SuzyScientist @mobio Another why science is better. Science has absolutes like “yes” & “no.” Love has too much “I don’t know, you decide.”

    “Love is an enigma that transcends science and philosophies, all try to explain it, but none ever comes close. Yet our mind, body and soul yearns for it though we can not explain it. The same can not be said of science.”

  3. Renata says:

    Love is better…

    -Love proves that the world revolves around YOU!

    -Science proved that it really revolves around the sun!

  4. Suzanne Kennedy says:

    This is a pretty funny answer from twitter:

    ifuseekbryan Bryan Mounce
    @mobio Of course it’s science! You get screwed by science much more often…

  5. Hadas says:

    Science. why? because love IS science.

  6. Mariana says:

    Science it is. why? because in science mistakes may lead to discover great things but one mistake in Love and you are done.

  7. Lainey says:

    @mobio.. Science Baby! What is better than experimentation, deviations and RESULTS!?

  8. Science beats love. For love is just a feeling. It’s both fleeting and subject to change. While science is reproducable, reassuring, and constant. Too often in life we convince ourselves that something is true because our heart wants it to be. Science can convince us otherwise and save us from ourselves.

  9. Steve El says:


    Love without science is the emotional flotsam of entropy;

    Science without love is the cold stone floor of an existential prison;

    Love of the science of love is the renaissance’s wet dream.

  10. Suzanne Kennedy says:

    From Facebook:
    Micki Vargas LOVE. You get more immediate gratification. You don’t have to wait for explosive results. Hard work typically pays off 100% of the time. Science not so much and it can definitely piss you off the majority of the time

  11. Suzanne Kennedy says:

    chrisadieni Christopher Dieni

    @mobio Science! Science makes me work long hours but might actually reward me. Love guilt-trips me for “spending too much time in the lab.”

  12. Denis says:

    The both

    1) My heart beat increases when I see my Valentine or a perfect western blot.
    2) I turn red when I received compliment from my PI or my Valentine.
    3) I eat wonderful and free food at the lab and when my valentine invite me to the restaurant.
    4) I can meet love in science (I’m working in biology lab)
    5) love is a science and an art and science needs loves to be an art.
    6) Science and Love are helpful for a lot of people.
    7) Love is human biology and feelings and biology is a science of human.
    8) Love is a story about couples and science too, Adenine and Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine, Antibody and Antigen, Molecule and receptor, ……..
    9) Love is story about forces and bounds between two persons and Science explain bound ( Hydrogen bound, vander waals forces)
    10) to be continued

  13. Lisa Kilmer says:

    Without the love of knowledge, there would be no science. Without the love of our fellow human beings, our planet, and our cosmos, there’d be no reason to search for answers. With that in mind, love wins because it’s what makes us passionately pursue all of the answers.

  14. Suzanne Kennedy says:

    From facebook:
    Brian Kilmer:
    Love and science both invoke feelings of passion within me, however I believe it is science that is better. Science is not swayed by emotion and I always happily greet scientific outcomes regardless of whether or not they align with my hypotheses. Love is an irrational emotion whose outcome, when not in my favor, can be crushing.

  15. I think love and science are both better. Without love we can not do science. Science is exciting. I can’t do science without love. Love and science are like belt and trousers. Without belt we can’t put our trousers. Love and science are twins.

  16. Adri says:

    Love!!! because love for science makes me think that science is better than love ;) and therefore I’m happy with my scientific life even if I’m unlucky with my love life, which luckily I’m not

  17. Oximoron says:

    I say science, because love is science and love is the study of a person, to know everything about her/him. The attraction is Chemistry; it’s to find the right pheromones, the right partner. The inexplicable things that happen to our mind when in love are Psychology or Psychiatry if you (or your partner) are unlucky. We are social animals –Ethiology says– we thrive in partnership. Ecology found that we are a K not an r, we care for our kind. In the end Genetics say that there is always the desire to perpetuate our genes and fiercely protect our descendants with love. After all Paracelsus said that the one who knows nothing loves nothing.

  18. Laure says:

    “46% of men choose Science compared to 30% choosing Love and 23% choosing both. Let’s add the 23% of men who chose both to each number so 69% chose Love and 53% chose Science.”

    Something wrong here ;-)

    Thanks for the nice competition and Happy Valentine’s day to all!

    • Suzanne Kennedy says:

      yeah- the men who chose both actually are very much in love, but didn’t want to not choose science. So really, it should be 69% love and 30% science. :-).
      Thanks for posting!!

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